JARO Medien GmbH

Full service company with record label, agency, publishing and distribution. JARO works for artistsonly if they have full services!

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Since our founding in 1981, 200 CD productions have been released on our record label, likewise called JARO.
Among them are a number of albums which have been distinguished with music awards. The women’s choir Bulgarian Voices Angelite, for instance, was nominated for the Grammy in 1993, in 1995 Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan won the international music prize of the UNESCO, and the Warsaw Village Band was honoured with the BBC World Music Award in 2004. 2009 Fredyrik Award in Poland for Warsaw Village Band, 2009 German World Music Award " Creole" for THE SHIN. 2011 French Record Award for Hazmat Modine CD Cicada.
In the past year JARO discover a bunch of high rated artists as Oquestrada, Hazmat Modine, Red Baraat and Aldona. All of them had been completely unknown before signed in with JARO. After the companies work they got well established all over Europe. Late 2011 JARO celebrated their 30th anniversary. 2017 Jaro celebrates the 30th anniversary of working with the famous THE BULGARIAN VOICES ANGELITE, started to rerelease vinyl ( latest release Huun-Huur-Tu - best throat singers!) and as well started to release books. First project is about Lisbon , called LISBOA PAST & Present. In 2018 will follow the book NEW YORK - Past & Present ( from historical fotos 1928 till now) Both books include music Cds. In 2018 JARO starts to work for fantastic DAGADANA, a Polish / Ukranian project



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