La flor


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At 24, Ana Carla Maza has already made hundreds of concerts and placed her cello at the service of the most diverse ensembles and styles, from classical to jazz to pop. Today, the young Cuban returns to her roots and presents "La Flor" to us, in search of absolute truth and intimacy, she shows her true colors without make-up or artifice.
Authentic and touching, "La Flor", her second solo acoustic album, invites us on an imaginary journey to Latin America where she revisits the traditional music of her childhood as well as her own compositions. "I returned to the cello and the voice, which constitute my mantra of relief, my prayer of life," she tells us.
Some names seem predestined to music as their syllables sing. With her unique vowel and her consonants as sweet as the breath of a trade wind, Ana Carla Maza carries within her the harmony of musical history. It must be said that she was almost born with a cello in her arms. Her father, Carlos Maza, is an internationally renowned pianist and composer whose family fled Chile to settle in Cuba in the early 1980s. It was on this island that Ana Carla began to absorb airs, rhythms and chords before continuing her studies in several conservatories, in Cuba, in Spain, finally in France, where she arrives in 2012. She then performs in large ensembles, solo or with her father, his mother guitarist and his sister violinist.
From Brazilian bossa nova to Cuban habanera through an enlarged musical prism. Latin rhythms, pop melodies, jazz harmonies and classical techniques come together to create a world of explosive maturity shaped by a sweet voice, percussive pizzicati and an aerial bow.
Today, at twenty-four, Ana Carla skims the stages of major jazz festivals. Her voice and her play, which combine passion, indolence and grace, captivate, marrying her Latin roots and her open-ended approach to music.