• country:France
  • style(s):Folk, Jazz
  • label:Pias/World Village
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, guitar
  • artist posted by:JazzBFango - Konzertagentur

Line up

  • Baptiste Brondy (drums)
  • Denis Péan ( vocals, piano, samplers)
  • Nadia Nid El Mourid (vocals, percussions)
  • Richard Bourreau ( violin, alton, imzad, kora)
  • Yamina Nid El Mourid ( vocals, kamel n’goni, sopran)


To describe the music played by Lo’Jo, one would have to delve both into a dictionary of the world’s rhythms and an encyclopedia of universal harmonies.
One would borrow from them adjectives like “shamanic”, “polyglot”, and wander from savannas to de- serts, from rivers to oceans, from meadows to asphalt roads; there would be sunrays and dust clouds, rain ef uvia, re scents and spicy avors, ululations, estas and bivouacs; not a junk of sounds, no, rather a great acoustic souk.
"An old-time waltz provide an echo of traditional chanson at one point, but Dénis Pèan and his colleagues- who have built up a cult following on his side of the Channel- belong to a France that is much more of a melting pot. Hypnotic CD "World Village "


booking: Germany, Austria, Switzerland