"made in Africa" aus Burkina Faso
The KutiMangoes
The KutiMangoes - Afrotropism
The KutiMangoes / Sunbörn
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Afro, Afro Jazz
  • label:Tramp Records
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, brass, guitar
  • artist posted by:JazzBFango - Konzertagentur

Line up

  • Anke Drasbeak (saxophon )
  • Casper Mikkelsen (percussion)
  • Gustav Rasmussen (trombone, guitar)
  • Johannes Buhl (Keyboard)
  • Michael Blicher (saxophon )
  • Morten AEro (drums)


Sunny grooves and bold, jazzy horns come together in the Danish band Sunbörn. Their instrumental music joins people in a new, global sound that connects cultures. The 6-piece has crossed borders since 2012 as The KutiMangoes and thrilled audiences all over the world with their unique and award-winning music that pushes borders on the jazz- and world scene.

In late 2022 the band will change their name to Sunbörn to match the development in their sound and to underline a stronger connection to their Scandinavian roots. Later this year they will mark this new chapter by releasing new music where they collaborate with top international DJs and musicians

„Mit einem Mix aus Jazz, Funk, afrikanischen Grooves und Calypso-Feeling gehen für meinen Geschmack eine gute Handvoll Musiker aus Dänemark übrigens sehr viel frischer um als seinerzeit Miles Davis und heute sein Neffe.“ rbb Kultur

What would it sound like if Fela Kuti, Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman formed a band in Copenhagen? Inspired by these artists, The KutiMangoes play their very own mix of afrobeat, electric jazz, soul and blues.

booking exclusive in Austria and Switzerland and on request.