Line up

  • Cesar Daniel  (Caicedo Saxophone)
  • Cesar Morales  (Drums)
  • Daniel Linero  (Saxophone, Clarinet)
  • Daniel Restrepo (Bass, Vocals)
  • Elkin Hernandez  (Saxophone, Clarinet)
  • Pablo Beltran  (Saxophone)


The Blues of Bogotá is on the rise in our latitudes? Sounds a bit crazy, and it is. Direct from the Colombian capital penetrates – amongst all the salsa, rock and electronic sounds – a raspy voice, that causes the ground to tremble. Daniel Restrepo causes with his combo fatsO a leverage of Latin clichés, and offsets the Andes to the middle of the southern continent. Celebrated in their home country, the exciting septet is preparing to make their leap to Europe.