Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon

Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon
Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon
Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon_2


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  • country:Israel
  • region:Middle East
  • style(s):Oriental, Indie
  • label:not signed
  • type:Trio
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Jazzhaus Booking

Line up

  • Ben Aylon (Drums, Percussion)
  • Sharon Mansur (Keys, bass)
  • Yossi Fine (Guitar)


Blue Desert is Israel’s new and upcoming style, growing from the culture mixed soil. Yossi Fine and Ben Aylon’s innovative playing and virtuosity are a big part of their live show, presenting Hypnotic Beats and Melodies to put you in a Trance.
Their music derives its inspiration from Afro-Arab parties and weddings, Dabke’s and traditional ceremonies, desert Blues and Universal grooves.
People from diverse ethnicities come together on the dance floor.
In this project Grammy nominated Yossi Fine (cooperation with Dawid Bowie, Lou Reed..) presents Ben Aylon, who has developed an innovative drumming style that creates a massive sound of an entire tribe of drummers using a custom hybrid drum set he built from Senegalese and modern drums.


Yossi Fine & Ben Aylon