Quinteto Negro La Boca

Quinteto Negro La Boca
QNLB street art
QNLB la boca district
QNLB Bandoneon
QNLB - Chango Spasiuk


Quinteto Negro la Boca & Chango Spasiuk
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  • country:Argentina
  • region:Buenos Aires
  • style(s):Rock, Tango Nuevo
  • label:SONY MUSIC Argentina
  • type:Quintet
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, woodwind, rock band, unplugged, piano, guitar
  • artist posted by:Jengibre Music Consulting & Business

Line up

  • Diego Hernán Fernández (voice)
  • Guillermo Borghi (electric, acoustic pian)
  • Martin Quintana (Saxophone, flute, mouth-organ)
  • Oscar Pittana (doble bass and electric bass)
  • Pablo Bernaba (Orchestral direction, bandoneon, choirs)
  • Sebastián Colavecchia (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)


Quinteto Negro La Boca is the new expression of Tango Rock and Social Music. With an impressive musical performance, surprising for its intensity and explosive for the exuberant fusion of powerful music like Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Afro-Latin, African music from around the world and the sounds of root music with the most contemporary tango.

The neighborhood, the suburbs, the ripping of social strata, violence, the drive for anarchy and the power of popular expression are part of the iconography that QNLB shows with brutal honesty.
Born in the neighborhood of "La Boca" in 2008, where the city of Buenos Aires finds its limit by the black river “Riachuelo”; marginal, industrial neighborhood, a real suburban slum of modern Buenos Aires, crossed by social violence, prostitution, drug trafficking, crime and passion for football (the legendary football stadium of Club Boca Jr.: "The Bombonera Stadium" is located in this neighborhood).

QNLB was born in the current heart of tango, true seedbed of the African-Rioplatense black expression.

The expressive search of Quinteto Negro La Boca breaks the stylistic borders, using the power of Punk Rock, the impunity of Rap and Ska, the celebration of tropical music, reggae, the foreign blackness of Jazz and Blues, and the depth of Latin American root music; betting on the own compositions, resulting in a unique sound.

For almost 10 years, Quinteto Negro La Boca has appeared in major international festivals of World Music and Tango and important venues in: London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nancy, Frankfurt, Munich, Ulm and countries like Russia, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Canada, Mexico and Uruguay.