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Body, Mind & Soul
Body, Mind & Soul
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Body Mind & Soul is a 6 piece band from Mzuzu (Northern Malawi) led by Davie Luhanga, commonly known as 'Street Rat'. When asked about this unusual name Davie laughs "I gave myself this name, because that's what I see when I look into the mirror, a rat" and adds "when you see me in the street, I move fast, just like a rat".

The band started out as 'Souls of the Ghetto' playing reggae music, like many local bands; they won several local awards such as the Kuche Kuche Music Award and participated in festivals such as the Lake of Stars and Hippy Festival.

In 2005 the band felt a stronger connection pulling them towards their Malawian roots. They reflected on the importance of sharing their ancient culture in a modern time and after much thought and experimentation created a new musical concept that they are calling 'voodjaz'. It is a subtle mix of traditional rhythms with a jazzy feel, a musical bridge between Malawian cultures past and present.

Their first international recognition came in May 2007, when they won the Music Crossroads Southern Africa InterRegional Festival in Harare (Zimbabwe). An important step in their career, as the group has now completed a highly successful European Tour in summer 2008 and will now go on to tou North America in 2009

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