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JAMES CANNINGS, international recording artist/businessman, accomplished guitarist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, songwriter, producer and studio engineer. — born in Guyana, and ex-bandleader of J.C. Intruders—is a virtual one-man band and, as such, has created a niche for himself. He travels with his guitar and amplifier to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools, colleges, libraries, universities, and international festivals to share his reggae/world beat renditions. He plays Reggae, Calypso, Latin, Funk. Blues, R & R, Pop, Highlife, Jazz etc.

Cannings says, ”I am a student of the universe; it's my mission to aid in the spiritual upliftment of mankind through positive, thought-provoking lyrics.” Cannings can attest to "Miracles" through the healing POWER of music, having struck receptive chords of response in patients at institutions where he has performed.

Through a unique blend of comedy, dance, music, and lecture routines, Cannings offers programs in Substance Abuse, Social Studies, and Multi-Cultural/Global Studies. His hit single, “Don’t Drink and Drive,” is a staple in Junior High Schools in New York. He has performed it for students via the NYC Department of Transportation's Safety and Health Education Program; and it is a feature in the observance of National Alcohol Awareness Month.

A degree from Baruch College in International Marketing facilitates management of all aspects of his career. ”Music is a business”, he explains. “ I can take a song from the mind to the market through all the necessary processes”. Armed with this business savvy, Cannings founded J.C. Records, JGC Entertainment Co., Can Can Music Publishing, and co-founded Capricorn Audio and Video Cassette Duplication Company. He also was founder and owner of Cannings Recording Studio, Inc.—the first and only black-owned 24-track studio in Manhattan during the time of its existence.

Recently, Cannings founded OOPS—Our Own Performance Society, Inc.—a not-for-profit corporation which champions performing rights’ needs and lobbies on behalf of songwriters and music publishers.

Cannings is proud of sharing his reggae/world vision with US Presidents. By invitation of former President Carter, he was a guest at the White House in 1979; and his files boast responses from Presidents Reagan and Clinton—acknowledging both their receipt of his music and consideration of his opinions.

James Cannings has been releasing records since 1975. His first single on Empire Records (U.S.A)— released in the W.I., Africa and Canada by WIRL Records— was #32 on the top 40 charts of WHSB radio in the U.S. ”As Time Goes On”, a 1986 U.S. A/C crossover record (listed in the Gavin Report Adult Contemporary Chart), was programmed by Tyrone Downie, keyboardist with Bob Marley & the Wailers. Downie played keyboards on this recording. In the West Indies, James was keyboardist with Jackie Opel, vocalist of the Troubadours of Barbados. James also was instrumental in the initial career development of ("Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot") Arrow. On "The Best of James Cannings," album Arrow sings background vocals on “Dayo.”

Cannings has performed many times on U.S. national TV on the Joe Franklin Show. The “James Cannings Special,” aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, is hosted by James. His recent interview with Judy Massa on Voice of America’s “Border Crossings” was transmitted around the world via satellite, short-wave radio and the Internet. Listen to VOA Interview

Cannings is quoted several times in the book "JACO, The World's Greatest Bass Player." Jaco Pastorius, bassist with Joni Mitchell and "Weather Report," performed with—and was a roommate of—Cannings.

His performance rights group, OOPS, clinched a deal with the Copyright Society of Ghana (COSGA) and the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), giving both societies the right to license songs represented by OOPS. Cannings’ company, JGC Entertainment Co./JC Records, also has signed a manufacturing and distribution deal with Citirock-Serengeti Music in Ghana. See Billboard Articles

In July 1998, James performed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Israel. His CDs are also available at Tower Records in Tel Aviv, Israel. See Jerusalem Post Article In Cuba he performed with the Cuban band Jovenes Clasicos del Son at the Cuban Jazz Festival. Recently James traveled to Amsterdam where he performed for Special Ed. Students on behalf of the A2A Music Convention. .In the Summers of '97, '99 and 2001, Cannings performed at PANAFEST in Ghana.

To date, Cannings has recorded four full-length albums: “Music For All Seasons”, “Moments”, “All That Jazz and Blues” and "The Best of James Cannings." See Midem 2000 Cannes Article Besides Ska and Reggae, on his new (EP), “Mother Loves her Children” Cannings has expanded his musical horizons by recording two “High Life” songs of Ghana. They are, “Yaa Amponsah and Agyanka Due O.”

Contact James Cannings at JGC Entertainment/JC Records, 400 2nd Ave., NY, NY 10010, Phone 212-842-1389/212 642-8260. Fax 212 213 2168 email: jcrec10@jamescannings.com™



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