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It´s the first Bogota's music festival, Festival Centro, returns every january with an array of international artists, emerging artists, with a lot of talent musicians and diverse musical styles.

With over 30 groups and solo artists coming to the capital every january 3rd week, the organisers aim to build on the success of the pasts editions, which drew in 23,000 spectators in just three editions.

Situated in the Candelaria district, the historical heart of Bogota, the Festival Centro will provide 10 hours of music everyday for five days. Alongside Colombian nationals, musicians hail from many countries including the United States, Canada, Chile, Spain, México, Germany, Argentina and UK.

The Foundation Gilberto Alzate Avendaño not only aims to enrich the supply of artistic quality in the country by creating an event readily accessible for all citizens, but also to stimulate development in this vital zone of the city.

The festival promises an eclectic mix of musical styles. Spectators will be treated to pop, electronica, rock, and folk music from all over Colombia, not to mention a whole day dedicated to "cumbia", the popular Colombian dance.


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  • WOMEX 2012


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