Ag Dan Gwang Chil

Ag Dan Gwang Chil
Ag Dan Gwang Chil- ADG7, Photo: Lee Jong Sam
ADG7, photo: Park Dong Jun
ADG7, photo: Lee Jong Sam

Line up

  • Chorong Bang (vocals)
  • Hee Rim Wang (vocals)
  • Hyang Hee Lee (piri & saenghwang)
  • Hyerim Park (ajaeng)
  • Hyun Soo Kim (daeguem)
  • Hyunjun Chun (percussion)
  • Jinyoung Sunwoo (percussion)
  • Meondongmaru Weon (gayaguem)
  • Minyoung An (vocals)


Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7)
Ak Dan Gwang Chil (ADG7) is a multi-award winning Korean traditional music group, featuring six Korean traditional musicians and three powerhouse female folk singers. ADG7 performs repertoire from the sacred, shamanic and secular gut (ritual music) and minyo (folk song) traditions of the Hwanghae-do region, nowadays a western province of North Korea. Their powerful engaging performance will immerse audiences into a spiritual experience and bring blessings of positive energy originating from gut and minyo.
ADG7 was organized in 2015, to the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule. Their music expresses the true meaning of liberation and South Korea’s desire for reunification. They recently won multiple awards including Best Group at the 2018 KBS Korean Traditional Music Award and Sori Frontier Award at the 2017 Jeongju International Sori festival. ADGC has been selected as one of the WOMEX (World Music Expo) 2019 official showcase artists.