Trad.Attack! Photo: Rene Altrov
Trad.Attack! Photo: Jelena Rudi
Trad.Attack! Photo: Jelena Rudi


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  • country:Estonia
  • region:Northern Europe
  • style(s):Folk, Rock
  • label:Made in Baltics
  • type:Band, Trio
  • artist posted by:JV-Promotion

Line up

  • Jalmar Vabarna (guitar, vocals)
  • Sandra Vabarna (bagpipe, whistles, jew’s harp, vocals)
  • Tõnu Tubli (drums, vocals)


Forgotten Estonian roots in an ultra-modern way.

It takes a whole lot of courage to take something old and sacred, something that has been passed down the generations in secrecy, and drag it out into the daylight of the 21st century. In the hands of Trad.Attack!, this mystical something reveals its long-forgotten roots in a catching, ultra-modern way. They are in-your-face: no begging, no pleading. They break the rules and genre boundaries to create their own distinctive style.

Make Your Move, the new album by Trad.Attack! – their fourth – demonstrates the pure power of the three band members. The 12 tracks make you smile, dance, mosh, yearn – evoking a full palette of emotions, and then some. Deeply rooted in spells from a long-forgotten time, the album is full of magic and empowerment.

In the six years since coming together, Trad.Attack! has reached every continent and performed in 37 countries at significant festivals such as the Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Womad (UK, Chile), Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia), Vancouver Folk Festival (Canada) and Womex showcase festival. And now there are only 159 countries still to experience the power of Trad.Attack!.

Back home in Estonia, Trad.Attack! blasted into the scene and has been revolutionising it ever since. Having won a whopping 23 music awards, including best band and best album.

“We are built on the courage to do something different, to jump head first into the deep end. We choose our own way and create our own path.”

Since their 2014 debut TRAD.ATTACK! has released two internationally acclaimed albums, won 17 music prizes, and played in over thirty countries from Chile to Malaysia — including such festivals as WOMEX, WOMAD UK and Chile, Eurosonic, Transmusicales, Mundial Montreal. Folk music is definitely their starting point, but not their boundary.

Booking: worldwide, except Estonia, North America, France, Italy, Spain