Kadril v.z.w

Started as an acoustic folk band in 1976, KADRIL is still the leading folkrock band that plays and sings Flemish folkrock, from the north of Belgium

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Kimberly Claeys: lead vocals
Peter Libbrecht: fiddle, viola, jew’s harp, vocals
Erwin Libbrecht: acoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki, vocals
Bart De Cock: accordion, nyckelharpa, Flemish bagpipes, vocals
Dirk Verhegge:: electric and acoustic guitars, 5-string banjo
Koen Dewaele: electric bass
Pieter-Jan Jordens: drums, percussion

in Belgium, Danmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Sardinia, Spain, South-Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands

2022 "Jolie Flamande" WBM 21222 / 2016 "40 Years" WBM 21127 / 2014 "Archaï" WBM 21120 / 2011 "Grand Cru" WBM 21100 / 2009 "Mariage" WBM 21082 / 2005 "De andere kust" WBM 21057 / 2004 "Paloma Negra" WBM 21050 / 2003 "Pays" WBM 21039 / 2001 "All the best" WBM 21029 / 1999 "New folk wave" WBM 21008 / 1999 "Eva" WBM 21007 / 1998 "Lais" WBM 21005 / 1997 "Volksmuziek in België" Auvidis Ethnic B 6844 / 1996 "Live - De groote boodschap" Dureco 11 62162 / 1994 "Nooit met krijt" Dureco 11 60262 / 1993 "De liedboeken II Coussemaker" Granota 0210 / 1990 "De vogel in de muite" Dureco 11 54782 / 1990 "De liedboeken I Willems" BRT-CD 90 68 01 / 1986 "Kadril" (LP) WBM 21002 / 1985 "Volksmuziek" (LP) RG 3985 006

‘JOHN O’REGAN, ROCK ‘N REEL’: “Belgium’s longest running folk-rock band, Kadril, started out as an acoustic quartet. ‘Kadril’, originally released in 1986, perfectly captures their enthusiasm and dedication to Flemish traditional music. A rich blend of pipes, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, guitar and hurdy-gurdy create a powerful yet sensitive instrumental sound . An all acoustic album, ‘Kadril’ weaves it’s spell in a manner not dissimilar to early Malicorne, with dashes of La Bamboche. A fresh, lively and inventive debut,'Kadril' hinted at greater things to come.”

‘ARNOLD RYPENS, VRT-RADIO1’: “Folk rock, evident in other countries since the sixties, but in Belgium only represented worthily since Kadril. Worthily here means that we must not make too many comparisons. They are no tour Fairport, our Alan Stivell, our Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or our Waterboys, but they essentially are and remain themselves.”

‘GANDALF’: “Nooit met krijt' is a milestone in Flemish folk history. Highly recommended!”

‘JOHN O’REGAN, ROCK ‘N REEL’: “Kadril made their first folk-rock foreys on the title track ‘Nooit met krijt’, signalling Kadril’s arrival at a unique sound, parts medieval, traditional and folk-rock. A modern day Belgian folk legend, Kadril's music is rich, lively and full of character.”

‘DAG ALLEMAAL’: “...the one and only folk rock band in this country. Kadril has previously proven that they can make the link between traditional Flemish music and contemporary sounds. Kadril stands for drive, for -in this genre- too often neglected energy, for musical pleasure.”

‘GEORGES TONLA BRIQUET, BRUSSEL DEZE WEEK’: “Kadril, groupe composé d’une fille et de plusieurs garçons, est devenu ‘la’ référence par excellance après un bien long périple. Au moment où le folk était encore associé en Flandres à tous les oncifs fu genre, ils introduisaient graduellement des éléments de styles différents dans notre patrimoine musical. A l’étranger on qualifia cela de ‘progression dans le bon sens’ et l’on baptisa let out de: Folkrock.”

‘S. WINNICK, DIRTY LINNEN (US)’: “With hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, bagpipes and accordion, backed by electric guitar, bass and drums and a powerful female vocalist up front… the result is often strickingly unusual, and always stirring.”

'NEW FOLK SOUNDS' : “Kadril has taken another big career step. The Flemish top!”

'DIETER VAN DEN BERGH, OOR': “Kadril transforms archaic Flemish tunes into contemporary folk rock. The group deals in evocative hurdy-gurdy trance, melancholic ballads and obscure nyckelharpa-rock à la Hedningarna.”

‘PETER VANTYGHEM, DE STANDAARD’: “This CD proves that it is perfectly possible to deal with Flemish musical heritage in a creative and contemporary way."

'RADIO CELTIC FM' (FR): « Quel plaisir de découvrir ce groupe! Le niveau atteint frise la perfection. C'est l' harmonie qui transpire littéralement de chaque titre de l'album. Un exercise de séduction qui va laisser des marques indélébiles dans notre Programmation. Ce ne sont pas nos auditeurs qui risquent de s' en plaindre»

‘KURT BLONDEEL, DE MORGEN’: “Kadril zorgt vrijdag voor een hoogtepunt. De pioniers van de Vlaamse folkrock pakten uit met een rijk en vol groepsgeluid dat vanaf de eerste tot de laatste noot bij de lurven vatte. Over een stevige elektrische basis sponnen doedelzak, draailier, viool en accordeon liederlijke melodieën, en daar ging zo’n levenskracht van uit dat je lichaam er een vol uur van tintelde.”

‘JOHN O’REGAN, ROCK ‘N REEL’: “Kadril plays traditional Belgian and Flemish folk music rocking it up with an electric rhythm section. The CD ‘Live’ captures their live show and a powerful warm sound it is too. ‘Bourrée à Le Tron’ and ‘Bourrée La belle inconnue’ resemble a Flemish Albion Band in sound and texture. Reggae rhythms frame ‘De Verloren Zoon’ in mock Jamaican mode, while ‘Springdans’ glides along on waves of hurdy-gurdy, pipes and fiddle in a Breton/Flemish crossover. Kadril play Flemish folk rock with style, flair and conviction.”

‘FILIP VAN DER LINDEN, MUSICZINE.NET’: “Kadril is an 'institution' in Flemish folk rock and far beyond. With their label Wild Boar Music they were a springboard for Laïs, to name just one.”

‘PETER VANTYGHEM, DE STANDAARD’: “Kadril speelde een hechte,strakke set die soms met koperblazers aangevuld werd, waarin Patrick Riguelle vier songs meezong, waarin de eerste elektronische doedelzak in Vlaanderen (van Bart De Cock) te horen was, en waaruit nog eens bleek dat deze band internationale klasse heeft. Laïs scoort nog steeds het best met ,,'t Smidje'', gearrangeerd door... precies Kadril.”

‘VIC SMITH, FOLK ROOTS’: “ As their accompaniments of Laïs, this album shows their versatility and the ability to sound everything from an intimate acoustic band to a sort of fairly heavy folk-rock on a selection of mainly traditional material from the Benelux countries. All the tracks have a strong melodic feel and lots of subtle changes of instrumental blends to maintain the interest.”

‘ANNELIES ROEBBEN, HET LAATSTE NIEUWS’: “It immediately became clear that Kadril could well be a headliner at a festival like Dranouter.”

‘PETER VANTYGHEM, DE STANDAARD’: “No one needs to teach Kadril anything after 46 years: the band shows quiet mastery on its 14th album”.

'BART PEETERS, SINGER SONGWRITER': "Kadril, the Rolling Stones of Flemish folk!"

On the CD ‘KADRIL 40 YEARS: “When in 1976 Kadril was first formed no one could foresee that the band would still be performing 40 years later. We remember a lot of highlights like Nekka, Dranouter Festival, Labadoux, Het Lindeboom and many, many others. We played in lots of Cultural Centres and stil do, but we also performed in small venues and pubs, because it’s there we learned our ‘job’. The band has had many singers and musicians. They have all contributed to the succes and noteriety Kadril has nowadays.”

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