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The new single and music video of the group KAL was premiered on June 24, 2022 on the group's YouTube channel and caused enormous attention and a sea of ​​positive reactions.
A song inspired by Balkan traditional music, music that, like all KAL's music, is intertwined with excellent rhythm and imbued with pure emotion, written with the heart and delivered with the soul. This kind of fusion, which manages to combine tradition and modernity and describe love, to blow you away and make you want to listen to it again and again, certainly deserves a place on the playlists of all generations. The video story that accompanies the song is set in the era and really enhances the emotional experience of this kind of composition. Dragan Ristic KAL surprises us every time with his creativity and ability to combine the incompatible and bring it to perfection. Years of experience in the music industry have led him to feel the pulse of the audience without fail and to bring them sincere joy without the need to make compromises and buck trends, because that's who he is, created from the emotions he conveys to everyone who listens to his music and all of them who hear his music for the first time, are permanently infected with KAL, and this mutual love and dependence is exactly what makes Dragana bring us new excitement with each of her songs

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