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Kal, Rock'n'Roma band


CD "Romology"
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Radio-Televion of Serbia - TV Show "Tri boje zvuka"
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  • country:Serbia
  • region:Eastern Europe
  • style(s):Gypsy, Rock'n'Roll
  • label:ARC music
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:rock band
  • artist posted by:KAL

Line up

  • Dejan Jovanovic (accordion)
  • Dragan Ristic (guitar,vocal)
  • Ivan Kuzev (bass)
  • Milorad Jevremovic (violin)
  • Milos Velickovic (drums)


KAL Band is urban Romani band from Belgrade suburbs. Music style that this band have created western critics call Rock’n”Roma which probably the best reflects their music. From 2006, when they started their career, to the present, the band has played over 600 concerts. The band has performed at the most important local, Europe and world festivals and achieved a remarkable career in Europe. It is quite enough to say that they have played on festivals such as Roskilde in Denmark, Fusion Festival in Berlin, Pepsi Sziget Festival in Budapest and local EXIT Festival.At the prestigious World Music Chart Europe KAL Band reached top two places leaving behind bands like: Gotan Project, Natasha Atlas, Ojos de Bruho. They were on a third place at the same chart on an annual basis in 2006., what any of band from this region hasn`t achieved.




"Chapter 23" - KAL

"Turkish Blues" - KAL

"Kiss me please" - KAL

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"Radio Romanista" - KAL

"Romology" - KAL

"Bibi" - KAL