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The 30 year success story of the Kalyi Jag Band inspired us to make the year 2009 a new milestone in the Kalyi Jag’s oeuvre.

We aimed to achieve new dimensions in the legendary Band’s success story.

The setting up the Kalyi Jag Arts Management and its new activity, was a logical follow-up of the devoted work of the Kalyi Jag Band, and of the Kalyi Jag Art High-School, as well.
The schools bring up great talents year by year, feeling great responsibility for these students’ future, and for the realisation of their dreams. We strongly believe, that talent by itself is not enough in today’s world, and without due humbleness, diligence and consciousness even the brightest talents might fall flat.

The mission of the Kalyi Jag Arts Management is to preserve the authentic Hungarian Gypsy folklore by the songs and music, and to present this unique culture and its values to more and more people. Promoting gifted artists to live up to their talent and deliver the roma culture to open ears and hearts through the art.

Our aim is to develop long-term, conscious cultural programs, with responsibility and engagement for providing equal social opportunity .

We would like to prove, that on the stage there is no majority or minority, only talent and inspiration exist. Thus, anybody, who wishes to fulfil his or her dreams with perseverance, may proudly be engaged to serve culture with Kalyi Jag Arts Management professional background.

With the help of the Management arts actitivities, we would like to build the long needed bridge between different cultures, arts, and people .The only way to future is to preserve our cultural values, to know and respect them.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2023
  • WOMEX 2009
  • virtualWOMEX
stand number WOMEX 23: 236


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