Kanta dab dab

Kanta dab dab
Kanta dab dab performing in Japan
Kanta dab dab performing in Helsinki
Kanta dab dab performing at Echoes in the valley Nepal
Kanta dab dab performing in Spain


Contemporary Asian fusion
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  • country:Nepal
  • style(s):Fusion, Instrumental
  • label:not signed
  • type:Small Ensemble
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, percussion, string
  • artist posted by:Kanta Dab Dab

Line up

  • Nikhil Tuladhar (Percussions)
  • Rizu Tuladhar (Bass)
  • Sunit Kansakar (Sitar)


A sitar, percussion and bass trio from Nepal with unique contemporary compositions creating a soulful fusion groove where Eastern n Western melodies meet. The band uses traditional and folk music Nepal in a contemporary music format as the band believes these musical heritage of Nepal is vast ocean for any musicians and it’s scholars. Nepali music is our intangible heritage, thus pointing out the need for it’s preservation and creative development for academic and artistic purposes.