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  • country:France
  • region:Mediterranean
  • style(s):Gypsy, Rumba
  • label:KaRu Prod
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, Quartet, Quintet
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:vocal, guitar
  • artist posted by:KaRu Prod

Line up

  • Antoine "Tato" Garcia (Guitar, lead voice, palmas)
  • Eliene Castillo  (voice)
  • Emilio Poubill (percussion, backing vocals)
  • Guillaume Bouthié (Bass, double-bass, piano, backing vocals)


Music is pervasive in gypsy community. It is closely tied to celebrations all along people's lives (baptisms, engagements, weddings). Young talents who will become artists of tomorrow are identified while they perform during these events. Guitarist, singer, writer and composer, Antoine "Tato" Garcia learned the guitar at the age of 7 with his brother José and gypsy musicians of Perpignan. As involved in "juergas" as he is on stage, Tato has created a style of his own and become a fervent ambassador of Catalan rumba.

He multiplies artistic encounters and participates in many recordings and tours with Familia Valera Mirande, Kaloomé, Agnès Jaoui, Les Rumberos Catalans, Tékaméli and Ciocarlia. His music enters the world of cinema and can be heard in films by Tony Gatlif, Alexandre Vannier and Agnès Jaoui.

With the rich and varied experience he has gleaned, he now records a new album under his name. This new opus introduces different styles, from guitar solos to classic rumbas or south american influences. Eliene Castillo Borrero joins him on this new album. Born in Havana,Cuba, she has sung with Chucho Valdès and Sylvio Rodriguez all around the world.

Tékaméli, Ida Y Vuelta, Sony, 1999
Rumberos Catalans, La Vida, WMO, 2004
Kaloomé, Sin Fronteras, Harmonia Mundi, 2004
Familia Valera Miranda et Tato, Cantos de ida y vuelta, Harmonia Mundi, 2006
Fanfare Ciocarlia, Queens and Kings, Asphalt tango records, 2007
Kaloomé, De otro color, Naive, 2008
Agnes Jaoui y el quintet oficial, Dans mon pays, Warner, 2009
Agnes Jaoui y el quintet oficial, Nostalgias, Warner, 2015
Antoine Tato Garcia, El mundo, KaRu prod, 2018
Antoine Tato Garcia, La rumba me va EP remix , KaRu prod, 2019
Antoine Tato Garcia, Otro mundo EP remix, KaRu prod, 2020
Antoine Tato Garcia, Rumbason, KaRu prod, 2022

Film music
Exils, Tony Gatlif, 2004
Ce que le jour doit à la nuit, Alexandre Arcady, 2011
Geronimo, Tony Gatlif, 2014
L’école buissonnière, Nicolas Vanier, 2017
Place publique, Agnès Jaoui, 2018

Pedagogical DVD
Tato "Apprendre la rumba catalane – vol1", 2012
Tato "Apprendre la rumba catalane – vol2", 2013