Steeve Laffont - Alba Gitana

Steeve Laffont - Alba Gitana
Steeve Laffont live
Dominique Di Piazza live
Costel Nitescu live
cover record Alba Gitana
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Alba Gitana, Gipsy dawn, is a commencement, a turning point of particular importance in the career of a guitarist labelled as “manouche”. Because despite the universality within that word, (“manu” meaning “man” in Sanskrit), it is often reduced to the almost mystical musical legacy of the genius Django Reinhardt. Steeve Laffont’s dawn sees his artistry break away from the confines of this tradition.

In his original compositions we find the ingredients for an unexpected recipe. There is a manouche feel to it, but the fragrance of flamenco mixes with Indian spices, the bossa nova breaks and klezmer rhythms are coloured by Spain ; Steeve finds comfort in both the journey and it’s unexpected turns. Such is the very essence of Tzigane culture. This album tells the story of an emancipation and the joy of no longer being held to respect a legacy, a tradition, of finally having so many more roots to grow with.
Steeve Laffont, lead guitar
Dominique Di Piazza, bass
Costel Nitescu, violin
Rudy Rabuffetti, guitar

article posted by:Hervé Parent, KaRu Prod