Khamdel Lô

It is in the heart of Dakar's project housing that Khamdel Lô was born on April 19, 1970. In this popular district of the Senegalese capital where art is present on every street corner, making music is almost obvious for him. Cradled by various musical sounds from childhood, Khamdel Lô begins with singing and percussion. He knows that talent alone is not enough. After two years at Dakar Conservatory, he joined Ceddo, the legendary group of low-cost housing where he will play the role of vocal lead for 10 years.

With his partners in the Ceddo group, Khamdel Lô is inspired by the rich diversity of Senegalese music. Together, they explore several traditional rhythms. Success is at the rendezvous with in particular the albums Sangul (1996), Douwess (1998), Kogne Bi (2002) and a live album Sorano 10th anniversary (2005). Author, composer, and performer, Khamdel Lô is a versatile artist but also an artist who thirsts for discovery. He began a solo career before creating Super Ceddo in 2007. In his first album "Yonn Bi" ("on the way" in Wolof) released in 2009, we discover an artist still attached to his musical roots, but more daring. He does not hesitate to mix several styles. But traditional rhythms and instruments remain an artistic dominant. In 2012, as political tensions emerge in the land of Teranga, the artist makes his voice heard with "diammi rewmi". Grateful to the public who have worn it since its first steps on stage, he released “Tec ko” and “HLM” in a tribute to his neighborhood in 2016.

A new album full of colors Always attentive to his audience, Khamdel Lô is releasing "Repères" in 2020. His rich musical career shines through in this album which could be described as modern although inspired by African sounds. Through 9 titles, he evokes themes that are close to his heart, in particular human relations, education, street children, peace, the environment, Senegalese culture… With “Repères”, the artist calls out society on Senegalese on values that seem to be lost. One could hardly categorize the musical style of Khamdel Lô, as his musical influences are so diverse. However, traditional Senegalese music remains a constant to which it brings its originality. Whether you are a fan of world music or not, what catches your attention with Khamdel Lô is above all the particular timbre of his voice. Without artifice or frills, he succeeds in transporting his listeners into his very special universe.