Karamelo Santo

Karamelo Santo
Karamelo Santo


From the album El Baile Oficial - en vivo
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KARAMELO SANTO, most likely Argentina's most famous musical export in this genre, will be back again this year for clubshows and festivals, to rock us with their explosive sound of LatinSka, Reggae, Cumbia, Rock and Punk After the release of their Live CD / DVD "El Baile Oficial" in 2011, a wonderful collection of songs and stories from almost 20 years of band history, 2013 sees the release of a new, self-titled studio album.

KARAMELO SANTO was born as "Perfectos Idiotas" in Mendoza / Argentina in 1993 and ever since then developed their own unique musical style. After moving to La Boca en Buenos Aires, they started to gather a fanatic crowd of fans from all over the world as well as various other artists and bands around them. The year 2000 marked a milestone in their career: After opening for Manu Chao in Argentina, Mr. Mestizo completely fell in love with KARAMELO SANTO - the new name the band had chosen then - and collaborated on their album "Los Guachos", which was released in 2002. Two extensive European Tours followed; the beginning of a long and deep relationship between the band and the "old continent", that up to now has made them one of the best-known representatives of Latin American music in Europe.

Untill today, KARAMELO SANTO have constantly been touring and playing the most important festivals all over Europe, and have an ever growing fanbase to call their own. This year, KARAMELO SANTO are again ready to seduce the audience with their high-quality crossover ramble through musical genres. Be prepared for a performance, that has it all: from a wild and furious Rockshow through relaxed Reggaetunes to sweet Latin Grooves