BITORI ft Chando Graciosa

BITORI ft Chando Graciosa
Bitori in Praia by Joao Barbossa
Danilo & Bitori at FMM Sines
Bitori live at FMM Sines
Miroca Paris at FMM Sines
Bitori Live at LOWLANDS 2016 by Fotomeisjes
BITORI live at WOMAD Fuertaventura by Miriam Brenner
Bitori and Chando Graciosa by Joao Barbosa
Live TV recodring for VPRO NL
Live at Lowlands


title track funana
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Line up

  • BITORI (Victor Tavares) (accordion)
  • Chando Graciosa (lead vocals, ferro)
  • Danilo Tavares (bass, vocals)
  • Miroca Paris (percussion, vocals)
  • Toy Paris (drums, vocals)


Masters of the once forbidden music of Cabo Verde.

Contact Miriam Brenner, stand 185

- CVMA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD received from the President of Cabo Verde, May '17
- Highlight of AME 2015 according to many, incl
Afrika Hertme Festival director Rob Lokin
- SONGLINES 'Introducing' feature Oct '16 , FROOTS special feature and interview, Oct '16
- THE GUARDIAN: "Arousing, accordion based dance music" Sep 16

* WOMAD Sp - Forde Festival - WDR - Borneo Rainforest Festival - Lowlands - Banlieues Bleues Paris *

LIVE fall 2017: USA incl Chicago World Music Festival, Global Roots festival The Cedar, Richmond Folk Festival VA. Paris 7 Oct Dynamo Festival Pantin.
** USA NOTE: P3 visas until September 2018 **

When iconic singer Chando Graciosa invited master accordionist Bitori and bass player Danilo Tavares to record a Funana album in Rotterdam in the early '90s, they couldn't have imagined the impact it would have still in the 21st century.
20 Years after the 1997 release of that innovating album 'Bitori nha Bibinha', they were reunited: Prompted by the re-release (Sep '16) of that record on renowned label Analog Africa, founder Samy Ben Redjeb reached out to the old crew to create a live band, partenring with Kokako Music to take on management and bookings.

At age 79 Bitori is going stronger than ever! An inspiration to many generations, this gaita player continues to baffle both audiences and artists, with his unique technique, energy and style.

Now, with an all star line-up, they are touring the globe, sharing their exhilarating, refined yet raw, infectious dance music of 'Funana':
Complimented by the veteran Toy Paris on drums and multi instrumentalist Miroca Paris on percussion (12 years with Cesaria Evora), the band has already wowed crowds, made them dance and celebrate life from Amsterdam's Melkweg to clubs in Berlin and Lisbon, from festivals like Clandestino SE to FMM Sines, from underground Fusion Festival to mainstream Lowlands NL.

WORKSHOPS & EDUCATION: Available for education programs and workshops, custom made for specific age groups and skill levels, to general introductions - please inquire.

2017: North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam, Paris Banlieues Bleues, KulturArt Corsica, Paradiso Africadelic. July: Forde Festival, Rainforest Festival Sarawak Malaysia. Sept & Oct: USA incl Chicago Wirld Music Festival, Global Roots festival The Cedar, Richmond Folk Festival VA, Dynamo Festival Paris.

2016: Lowlands NL, FMM Sines PT, WOMAD SP, Fusion DE, Club Global CPH, WDR German Radio, Festival Mundial, Clandestino SE, Sommarscen Malmo, Tribu Festival FR, Melkweg Amsterdam & more

NOTE: 5 on stage, based in EU & CV

Kokako Music is proud to have developed and be producing this Cape Verdian band, bearers of Funana.
Management and bookings: Kokako Music, stand #185 in Katowice (GCMN collective stand)
France bookings: Metiola Productions, stand #192
Now taking offers worldwide for 2018/19


BITORI ft Chando Graciosa

BITORI ft Chando Graciosa