"D'ALMA by Miroca Paris" - Miroca Paris

Miroca Paris
Miroca Paris - D'ALMA


The highly anticipated debut album by Cape Verdian singer and multi-instrumentalist Miroca Paris - known for working with the late Cesaria Evora "Barefoot Diva" - is finally out!

Carrying the simple yet profound title D'Alma ("soul"), this album is the result of composing, arranging and recording while on a continuous global tour these past years:
From his current home in Lisbon Portugal, to USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Cabo Verde and France, wherever inspiration came to him, another piece of D'Alma was born.

Now it's time for Paris to do as the ‘Barefoot Diva’ always wished him to do: to share his own music with the world. To sing his heartfelt stories front and center. While Miroca Paris is known as a virtuoso percussionist and drummer, on D'Alma he returns to playing guitar - like he used to - growing up in the Cape Verde Islands with his toes in the sand.
Drawing on his vast rhythmic knowledge, he's created his own unique guitar playing technique, forward driving, playful, surprising and fresh.