Miroca Paris - WOMAD Las Palmas - album release Kick Off

  • date:10 Nov 2017 - 07 Dec 2017
  • style(s):
    • Cape Verde
    • Coladeira
  • status: published tour
  • continents:
    • Africa
    • Europe / Russia
  • tour submitted by:Kokako Music

WOMAD Las Palmas is the first show on Miroca Paris - Island Rhythm Innovator - album release tour D'ALMA.
Much anticipated album D'alma out 1 Nov.

Confirmed Dates

WOMAD Las Palmas, 10 Nov
Kick off album release tour D'ALMA
including NL, PT, Russia, USA and more!

Offered Dates

Open for bookings in 2018/19
Suitable for seated Performing Arts Centers, venues and festivals!




Miroca Paris at WOMAD LPMiroca Paris

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