Tara Fuki


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Line up

  • Andrea Konstankiewicz (violoncello, vocals, hang)
  • Dorota Barova (violoncello, vocals)


Music from spider fibers of the dream land quietly unweaves the
melancholic eros of the landscape.. . in it uncovers soothing voices .

Both violoncellists have been keen on music since their childhood (conservatory, studying musicology, different musical projects), but only when they met in Brno in the year of 2000 duo Tara Fuki could be born.
Tara Fuki music is absolutely racy and unique (it is based on common improvisations which are then continually elaborated), delicately dynamic and rich in its expression.
Enriched by reflections of different musical styles with the flavor of distant lands, it creates an original kaleidoscope of the feminine inner world.

Since its creation Tara Fuki have been successful all over Europe (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Romania, Holland, UK and other countries) and Central America.

In 2001 Tara Fuki was awarded by the Czech Academy of Music in the categories:
"Alternative Music - World Music" and " Break-through of the Year ".

In the same year the CD " Piosenki do snu " was issued. (Indies records)

In 2003 the CD "Kapka". (Indies records)

Tara Fuki created a spectacle for children with the title Kapka, which they were playing more then 300 times within the years 2003-2007 in all the France.

In 2006 a song "Okamzik" was selected for the compilation CD of world music produced by BBC.

In 2007 new CD "Auris" with the guests. (Indies records)


Tara Fuki

Tara Fuki

Tara Fuki

Tara Fuki

Tara Fuki