Kosta Kostov
Kosta Kostov 1
portrait by Hristo Stankulov
Kosta Kostov | portrait by Hristo Stankulov


remix for Watch Clan (Piranha Digital)
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  • country:Germany
  • region:Balkan
  • style(s):Dance, Electronic
  • label:UrbanWorld
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic
  • artist posted by:Kostov, Kosta

Line up

  • Kosta Kostov (DJ set)


Born in Bulgaria, based in Germany, at home around the world, the dj and producer Kosta Kostov never stops the search for the best Global Dance Tunes His sets are furious blend of tracks from here and there, including own compositions, remixes and mashups, in which balkan, mediterran, african & american rootsy flavas meets all the nice bass stylez. From dub & ragga through funk & breaks till electro. Mastermind of parties like Balkan Express and Favela Blast, resident of Global Player, the Funkhaus Europa Club, the german global sound radio station.

In may 2010 Kosta Kostov drops his first EP release "Balkan Train" with BxP Soundsistema (URBAN WORLD RECORDS/DK), a project of Kosta Kostov, in which he presents his cooperations with musicans, producers and singers. Featuring the jamaican MC Princess Juliana, MC Killo Killo from Serbia, the greek bouzouki player Dimi "Goldfinger" Pingios and the maroccan ribab player Foulane. Based further more on cooperations all around the world, Kosta Kostov releases his EPs "Mambesa" (2011) and "French Wine" (2012), plus a bunch of Remixes for Watcha Clan, Solo Moderna, Double, Cafe de Calaveras, Entre Souz X to come out in 2013.

Kosta Kostov is part of Urban World Records, the label dedicated to global dance culture and represented within the Global Electronic Music Network at WOMEX 2013.

Balkan Express

In April 2004 Kosta Kostov starts with Balkan Express, the turbulent party in Cologne's club Gebaeude 9. Balkan Express becomes quick a reference not only in Cologne for the more electronic interpretation of the balkan, mediterran & gypsy traditional music. It takes you on a dance journey through the valleys and hills of beats and breaks, always with view out to new horizons... Kosta Kostov with his Balkan Express is a well seen guest in clubs & festivals from St. Petersburg to Rio de Janeiro and from Copenhagen to Sevilla.


BxP Soundsistema invites you to a fresh banging live show, all in the name of booty shaking - own compositions, remixes and mashups, in which the Balkan & Mediterranean meets all the nice flavas from dub & reggae through funk & breaks till basss and electro. BxPsounsistema are Markus Malcher - vox, perc, Marco Thiemann - guit, perc, vox, Rui Lobo - akkordeon, keys, Kosta Kostov - production, live mix