"Mambesa [EP] 2011" - Kosta Kostov

Kosta Kostov
"Mambesa" EP by Kosta Kostov


Cat No: UW017EP Artist: Kosta Kostov Title: Mambesa EP Release Date: 20th of October 2011 Genre: Gnawa, 3Ball, Kwaito, Tallava, Technobrega, Afro, Balkan, Latin
It's all about shaking and dancing on the Mambesa EP, it's a bouncy trip from Gnawa Breaks through Kwaito Shake till Balkan Bass. Mambesa is the second EP featuring Kosta Kostov on UrbanWorld, the first with BxP Soundsitema which Kosta is also part of. He loves to travel and discover new traditional riddims and melodies to inspire his global style. Mambesa will not disappoint, with a mixture of African, Balkan, Brazillian and Mexican riddims. Kosta worked with the percussionist and singer MMbeki, the guitar player MarcoT and the singer Olivera Brkic, and a special thanks goes out to Kostas Haller for the mixdown in his studio in Athens.
The title track Mambesa is inspired by MMbeki's dad Sory Koyate, one of the symbolic figures of West African music in the 60's and 70's, making it a uniqe Kwaito sounding track. Mas Gnawa is playing with the 3ball riddim from mexico, and with the guitar and percussion of MarcoT and MMbeki on the vocals it develops into a Gnawa breakbeat. Last Kaduna Bass is inspired by Kosta's mamma's lyrics, which she used to rap for him when he was small, faking the gypsy way of singing. We included banging remixes from around the world, Dj Chernobyl (Brazil) in a Technobrega style, Mo Fire (Denmark) and DJ Otto (Mexico) exploring the infernal Mexican 3ball riddim to the fullest and Moroka (UK) with 4x4 for the floor.


Copyflex: Rockin' my beachparty!!!

Dunkelbunt: Yo, this is a very very nice release... great stuff. congrats.

Sabo: Moussaka Bass power!!!