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Vibrant full service company dedicated to the development of great talent. Looking to match ourselves to produce winning results

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From its early beginnings to the present the vibes at Kross Kolor has always been positive, resulting in an enlightened sound for a new age. This sound emanating from the heart of the South American rain forest and laced with the Caribbean trade winds has made Kross Kolor Records the leading record label in Guyana.

The beginning of this label has resulted in a rebirth of the music industry in Guyana, and has injected new life into writers, arrangers and others in related fields. Whilst there are many Guyanese artiste who have made names for themselves in other countries they have adopted as home, the local industry has not developed over the years.

Kross Kolor Records was established in 1996 by Burchmore Simon with the objective of getting exposure for his song writing talents, the performing talents of his compatriots of all backgrounds and to ensure that Guyanese culture and music enters and stays on the international scene. Kross Kolor boasts a rooster of the top Guyanese artistes, covering all genres of music from rap, reggae, soca, gospel ,r&b to "Foja" the new world beat sound.

Promotion Hitline Productions is the promotional and management arm of Kross Kolor Records which has developed a reputation for high quality stage productions and promotions, professionalism is our watch word and this ensures that our artistes are kept in the public domain as much as possible. Kross Kolor Records through Hitline Productions would like to work with similar organizations worldwide in mutually beneficial arrangements.

Publishing Bluesimon Music publishes all of the works of its signed artistes and a number of local writers thus providing a huge data base of material for almost any genre of music. Bluesimon Music through The Harry Fox Agency will be pursuing licensing, and sub-publishing deals on behalf of its various clients so they can maximize on their creative efforts.

Kross Kolor is a winning organization in its domain In the major festivals in Guyana we have produced the soca Monarch and another in the top three for every year since 2004 and the junior calypso monarch in 2010. our young artiste Jovinski Thorne won Kidstage 2010
Conclusion We are a young company who are willing, after careful consideration, to enter into deals covering the entire spectrum of the music industry. We have set ourselves the task of releasing our entire catalog into the international market place, attending music industry trade events and creating extensive touring opportunities for our artistes.

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