Jovinski THorne

Jovinski THorne
jovinski Thorne


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  • jovinski Thorne (Vocals)


Born on the 3rd of January, Jivonski Thorne was created to perform. Growing up in Craig, a small village just along the East Bank of Demerara, he was just like any ordinary child who found a passion for a sport, a favourite cartoon character, playing a video game or who even wants to be like their icon. He is the youngest of eight and from a tender age had a passion for dancing and liked listening to all types of music. He was always fascinated by Jumo (a member of the popular duo x2) and even first danced on stage to the song ‘Tick Tack’ which was done by the artistes. But who knew that his little passion would lead to him becoming the next ‘big thing’ in Guyana. This 11 year old Craig primary School student and Michael Jackson fanatic is one of the reasons why anyone should think twice about ever giving up. He is currently the youngest artiste signed to the Kross Kolor Label and also the youngest performing artiste in Guyana. He is currently the reigning winner of the 2010 Cellink Kids Stage competition, the first one of its kind. He is one little man with a whole lot of attitude and when it comes to performing he does it with ease and confidence. He is a very fast learner and very promising to work with. He has already recorded his first single ‘Too Young’ which is making waves in the Guyanese music industry along with his signature performance which mimics the moves of the late great Michael Jackson from whom he gained all of his inspirations