Kubbo is a performing arts and social innovation company that creates artistic experiences to imagine better realities based in Madrid, Spain.

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Since our foundation in 2019, this diverse team formed by profiles ranging from DJs, rappers or dancers, to educational psychologists, videographers or communicators, has driven programs in areas such as education, citizen participation or climate sustainability.

With a special focus on youth, we defend that all people, regardless of their context or background, have the right to enjoy art as a means of learning to improve their lives and those of the people around them, and that is why we work with key agents throughout the sector, having promoted projects with Fundación Tomillo, Pepsi, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía, Fundación Acción por la Música, Fundación Banco Sabadell, Universidad Camilo José Cela, Fundación COTEC, etc.

In just over 4 years of existence, we have already trained more than 500 teachers, directly impacted more than 4,000 young people and indirectly (with our new narrative projects, through audiovisual and stage productions) reached more than half a million people. Since this year we also coordinate the stable cast of Mayumana in Spain.

Within this creative chaos, there are two transversal values that allow us to maintain a strategic stability in all our work:

Good vibes: we believe that fun, humor and joy can be revolutionary practices that the world urgently needs to prioritize. The good stuff, if it's not fun, won't be as good.
Rigor: in each project we create radically diverse teams with specialists in each social area so that, in addition to being creative, all our impact is of excellence.

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  • WOMEX 2023


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