Kunstzentrat e.V.

Import Export, live music venue and socio-cultural center in Munich, Germany. The focus lies on experimental, outernational, global sounds.

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Non-profit space for 200 people built with love, driven by a fantastic Crew and a huge curiosity for good music in Munich. For 12 years, Import Export has offered a space for artists, cultural workers, promotors and socially engaged people to work across genres and disciplines. It has thus become an open space for free, collaborative creation full of transnational influences. The program includes music as well as other arts and political and cultural education. In addition, Import Export has a workshop for children and young people as well as a vegan canteen. Import Export is intended to provide a permanently open space in which a wide variety of people are invited to participate together. There is no place for sexism, queerism, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-black, anti-Muslim racism or anti-Semitism.


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  • WOMEX 2023


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