Ifriqiyya Electrique

Ifriqiyya Electrique
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Line up

  • François R. Cambuzat (Guitar, Computer, Voice)
  • Gianna Greco (Bass, Voice, Computer)
  • Tarek Soltan (Voice, Tabla, Tchektchekas)
  • Yahya Chouchen (Voice, Tabla, Tchektchekas)
  • Youssef Ghazala (Voice, Tchektchekas)


Adorcist Saharian Transe & Post-Indus / Avant-World / Néo-Rock / Road-Movie

IFRIQIYYA ELECTRIQUE is a unique project. More than a concert, it is the true Sidi Marzûq adorcist rite and trance as practised by the Banga community. A performance with Banga musicians interacting with Electronics and Amps. A recomposed music, a Transcendental and Post-industrial Ceremony.


Ifriqiyya Electrique