WAX Booking ( Own by L'Afrique dans les Oreilles)

W.A.X = World Actual Expression

In septembre 2017 We launghed a new booking brand dedicated to contemporary music: WAX Booking, W.A.X like World Actual eXpression. It is one of the solution to bring new audiences to what we called today's World Music.

WAX is managed by Africa in the Ears agency and entirely part of it. It's a new space of contemporary musical expression where we find styles like electro, rock, punk, hardcore, Hip Hop, digital arts and more ...

ROSTER 19-20: Ifriqiyya Electrique/ SMADJ / Scuru Fitchadu / Balani Soundsystem [Balatronic] / Leila GOBI / WANGA / Fanga

article posted by:Sylvain Dartoy, L'Afrique dans les Oreilles