Scúru Fitchádu

Scúru Fitchádu
  • country:Portugal
  • style(s):Punk, Funana
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, DJ/Remixer, Trio
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic
  • artist posted by:L'Afrique dans les Oreilles


Scúru Fitchádu
[Deep Dark in Cape Verdean creole]
it’s not easy… its fury and rage.. its fight music....
A crossroad between distorted basslines, fast pace beats, noise, concertina/ferro [Iron bar] and a bunch of knives....
A undiscovered path, with the new music languages paying a visit to Cape Verdean traditional music form Funana without modesty in form of a furious punk aesthetics locomotive.
The result of this is… complicated, distinct, unusual and dirty. Scúru Fitchádu is Sette Sujidade [alias Marcus Veiga] solo’s adventure which began in 2016 with the first single “Ken ki Frâ?” [Who said it?], followed by the debut EP self-titled “Scúru Fitchádu” Sette Sujidade assures all the criative direction, production The EP got excellent media recognition and the constant booking of
shows in many festivals as portuguese notorious clubs all over the country. The national press titled Scúru Fitchádu as one of the most fresh, original and necessary latest projects.

Scúru Fitchádu is a restless journey of heavy and fast pace music, heartbeat acceleration and liberation music