Le Vent du Nord
La Part du Feu (Borealis /Universal) - Le Vent du Nord (Québec)


Le Vent du Nord (QUÉBEC) / La Part du Feu ( Borealis/Universal)
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  • artist:Le Vent du Nord
  • featured artist:Le Vent du Nord
  • region:Québec
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Québecois, Roots
  • country:Canada
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:La Compagnie du Nord
  • label:Borealis Records
  • publisher:Editorial Avenue- Le Vent du Nord
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North-American release date : 06/10/2009
European release date : 01/2010

Best Roots & Traditional Album - JUNO AWARDS 2011(Canada)

“La Part du Feu” is a French phrase meaning that you give to fire its share, i.e. you leave things behind to move forward and prepare your future.

The previous four albums have established how instrumental fluidity, musical prowess, and tight harmony vocals seem to come naturally to the quartet. However, La Part du Feu signals a new direction, a logical evolution of the band’s sound, the result of eight years spent touring and playing on the stages of Europe and North America.

This album boasts more modern music trends than the group’s previous recordings. Le Vent du Nord has expanded its musical horizons and taken in various textures and moods: a more personal sound, with electroacoustic, trad, dixie, Americana, and funk influences.

The album features 13 tracks (total duration: 49’56”), with a higher ratio of original compositions (Octobre 1837, Petit rêve V, Mamzelle Kennedy, Le Coeur en Trois, L’Attente).

Guests musicians: Michel Bordeleau, Patrick Graham, André Brunet, Jean-François Branchaud, and the Grüv’N’Brass Band.

Production: Le Vent du Nord (Nicolas Boulerice, Simon Beaudry, Réjean Brunet and Olivier Demers). Recording: Mark Busic (Studio de la Côte Jaune) Mastering: Marc-Olivier Bouchard (Studio Pure Mastering).
Graphic Design: Alain Reno.