La Perla

We are a percusivo-vocal trio from Bogota, Colombia. We want to tour the whole world! :)
Booking agency: Vuelta Music and Biche!

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La Perla is a musical project created by Karen Forero, Giovanna Mogollón and Diana Sanmiguel, musicians investigating the musical tradition of the Colombian Caribbean with more than 10 years of experience in interpreting the format of gaitas and drums and sung dances. It was born in 2014 and throughout these years they have maintained a basic training, where they have invited other members to join and build in different stages until defining the aesthetic and staging resources that have allowed them to stand out in the capital and national environment.
In 2015 they were winners of the Gaita’s Festival of Ovejas, Sucre, in the amateur category as the first group from Bogotá and the second group of women to win this recognition in the entire history of the festival. Since then it has been an innovative project that, inspired by the traditional sounds of the Caribbean, pays tribute to cultural legacies, which ventures through other routes of the greater Caribbean and which converge in spaces of innovation, until reaching an original sound with attitude and with a very unique charisma that fully represents the new Colombian music.
They have circulated through concert halls, bars, cultural centers and festivals where they have played both traditional music and their own repertoire. In 2017 they traveled to Mexico on their first international tour, in Mexico City they played at the Marvin Festival, the Hilvana Forum, the Bipo San Ángel, Tintico Bar, and in Guadalajara at the Breton Cultural Center, Independence Forum and Pare de Sufrir. In 2017 they released the EP Paren la Bulla, a record production recorded on Mambo Negro Records.
In 2018 they released the single Bruja, which has brought great recognition to the group, a song that was chosen to be synchronized in the Netflix series, "Siempre Bruja". Under the name of Bruja, they also carry out two international tours: the first to Chile, passing through the city of Santiago and playing in renowned spaces such as La Maestra Vida, El Clan, Centro Cultural San Joaquín and the tribute to the Barranquilla carnival and the city. from Concepción at Balmaceda Arte Joven and at Casa de Salud; and the second in Europe for Spain, Italy and Switzerland, playing at the Ibaiertzean Festival in Iruña, Bar El Intruso in Madrid, Diobar in Barcelona, Grin Festival in Roveredo, Switzerland, and the Mercatino Verde do Mundo in Bologna, Italy.
In February 2019, they toured two cities in the United States, as a result of the IDARTES international circulation grant. The group participated in the Ground Up Festival in Miami where they shared the stage with great artists such as Susana Baca, Snarky Puppy, Richard Bona and Carlos Malta among others; and in New York they played in two legendary bars, important world music venues such as Barbés in Brooklyn and Terraza 7 in Queens.
On June 20, 2019 they released their second EP ¿Qué Pasó? With the themes ¿Qué Pasó? and Anawana, during their tour Tonight I Don't Sleep in Spain, in which they played in cities like Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia.
Part of the month of September and during October 2019 they made their Macarena Tour and visited places such as Paris, Lyon, Biarritz, Marseille and Toulouse in France; Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig in Germany; Olten in Switzerland; London, Manchester and Bristol in the UK; Prague in the Czech Republic and Vienna in Austria, performing more than 20 successful concerts.
In February 2020, they did the Guayabo Tour through different cities in Mexico and they released the single Guayabo.

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La Perla (Colombia)