Pablo Seoane Trío

Pablo Seoane Trío
Pablo Seoane Trío
Pablo Seoane
Pablo Seoane Trío


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  • country:Spain
  • region:Galicia
  • style(s):Jazz, Freestyle
  • label:not signed
  • type:Trio
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:La Yogurtera S.l

Line up

  • José Manuel Díaz (double-bass)
  • L.A.R Legido (Drums)
  • Pablo Seoane (Piano)


Pablo Seoane was Born in Ferrol (Galiza, Spain) in 1968. Pianist and composer in several bands usually linked with jazz and free improvisation like "Pablo Seoane Trio", "Lupercal" (duo with the drummer LAR Legido), "Tripo" or "Machín not Workin´ Properly" (quintet that played this year at the closing sessions of 1906 jazz festival, in Compostela). He has composed music for the stage, taught at different institutions and played at clubs and festivals in and outside Galiza. In recent times he has managed the weekly jam-sessions at the Café El Puente (Compostela) and co-conducted a multidisciplinary "Meetings of Philosophy and Music. Pensar a voces" (Cee, Galiza, 2012). After Falou (2006), Sar 40 (2010) and La Bambola Malata (free pocket-opera 2011), he presented his latest album (with the "Pablo Seoane Trio"), Inópia, in 2014. He also presented this year, in the "Xornadas de Música Contemporanea de Compostela" (a Conference of Contemporary Music), the piece entitled Festas do Erro (Feasts of Error).

*INÓPIA (2014) is the Pablo Seoane Trio last album. A bunch of originals arranged in an almost vegetal way, as variations of a few brief themes, flowing threads which appear and disappear all through the whole album and work as a trigger of an open collective improvisation.
Pablo Seoane trio are: Pablo Seoane (piano), José Manuel Díaz (double-bass) and LAR Legido (drums).