Bitakola is a tribute to the social role in the Senegalese culture of the "Petit Cola" ("Bitter Cola" in English). In Senegal, the Petit cola unifies the sacred bonds. Here, the singer tells the story of Samba, in love with Thiorro. Thiorro's family refused to marry Thiorro because Samba was unable to provide for the family's needs and Thiorro wanted to leave the village with the money from the union.Thiorro is auctioned off in the village to another man. This clip is a metaphor that highlights the many abuses that the singer denounces: marriage and the woman-business, the loss of values.
Sahad talks about the drifts of the mutation of Senegalese society towards a capitalist society.
Bitakola is once again a satire of globalized society, whose essential values are being sacrificed on the altar of a dehumanized society.