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Juuri & Juuri
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Juuri & Juuri


Brisatka trad. / arr. Lajunen & Grundström. Number 101 in Kantele- ja jouhikkosävelmiä. Vanja Trofimov (Tallas) (b. 1876)
  • 2 Brisatka
  • 3 Haliasoitto / Despairing Song
  • 4 Kyyrän Matti
  • 4 Vanha valssi
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Juuri & Juuri plays Brisatka on Sibelius Academy Kamarimusiikkisali
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Line up

  • Eero Grundström (harmonium, harmonica, vocals)
  • Emilia Lajunen (5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, vocals)


Emilia Lajunen, 5-string fiddle, nyckelharpa, vocals
Eero Grundström, harmonium, harmonica, vocals

Juuri & Juuri (Root & Root) was founded ten years ago to counterbalance the usual pop-ified folk by pure Finnish trad and innovative use of archaic melodies. Emilia Lajunen and Eero Grundström, experienced musicians and teachers at the Sibelius Academy, embrace the variety of contemporary folk in their other bands, but this duo is about the magic of archive tapes, simple elements, endless variation and the power of the roots. Resisting to make ”an arrangement” before playing out the original is an innovation nowadays. On the other hand, to transform the flow of ancient herding tunes and kantele melodies for a duo turns old music to something totally new. The duo’s double CD ”Fiddlers / Quiet Rapture” was released by Ääniä Records in 2013 and won the prestigious Etno-Emma prize. Juuri & Juuri´s latest CD "The Raven´s March" was released by Nordic Notes in 2018 and has got many good reviews all over the world.


Artprevolution / Minna-Mari Roms
minna.roms@gmail.com, +358 50 4135013

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