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Lalin is a company engaged in providing democratic access and generating opportunities for peripheral artists and forms of arts.

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Lalin is a company focused on enhancing projects aimed at traditional Brazilian cultures. It operates in the management and production of festivals, exhibitions, seminars and meetings, as well as in the agency and assistance for artists.
It operates through hybrid partnerships between companies, third sector entities and government entities, contributing to the continuity and sustainability of genuine initiatives that are not co-opted by the large market.

Works as executive producer of the following events and projects aimed to the "viola caipira" (10-string brazilian guitar) universe:
- Viola's Teaching Cores (Núcleos de Ensinamento de Viola), which offers free viola caipira classes in vulnerable areas of Brasilia, for kids, teenagers and young adults.In 2019 there was 4 active "cores",and in 2020, 3 of them were continued in a voluntary way (we had a sponsor for 2019, only), but with the coronavirus pandemic, the activities had to be stopped.
- DVD Zé Mulato & Cassiano in Concert, 2019 - Due to the 40 years of career celebration, it was performed as a one-time concert with the Symphonic Orchestra of National Theater Cláudio Santoro (OSTNCS, Brasília, Brazil).
- Meeting of Revelry of Kings from Federal District (Encontro de Folia de Reis do Distrito Federal) editions from 2013 to 2019 - an event held annually that brings together about 20 revelries of kings' groups from Central Brazil, in an immersion and appreciation of the artistic manifestations added to such cultural tradition.
- Meeting of Brazilian Guitar Players (Encontro de Violeiros e Violeiras do Distrito Federal) editions from 2013 to 2019 - an event held annually that brings together musicians, researchers, luthiers, producers and broadcasters to debate the national scenario of the production and distribution of "caipira" music.
- Brazilian Guitar Historical Frames Music Festival (Festival de Música Recorte HIstórico da Mùsica e Viola Caipira) editions from 2018 to 2020 - an event held annually that seeks to generate the understanding of "caipira" music as a manifestation that crosses Brazilian social history, through the union of old and new generations.

Works as executive producer of projects carried out by the only known cultural butcher, T-Bone Cultural (see more at
- T-Bone's Cultural Night (Noite Cultural T-Bone), editions from 2016 to 2019. Noite Cultural T-Bone is one of the biggest public events in Brasilia, gathering about 20 thousand participations per edition, which always has great names in Brazilian music, such as Marina Lima , Sandra de Sá, Os Mutantes, Paulinho da Viola.
- T-Bone's Cultural Center (Espaço Cultural T-Bone) - 2019 to 2021 - an initiative aimed at the circulation and dissemination of Brasilia's artists in different languages, such as poetry, music, theater, visual arts and workshops.

Works as executive producer in the following artistic creation projects:
- Circus show "Titânia", by Érika Mesquita - project to create a circus show with all it's elements, including original soundtrack, to be launched in November 2020.
- Unpublished album by rapper Realleza - project in the fundraising phase, to be released in 2021.

Works in the development of projects aimed at awards and artistic scholarships for partners, especially during the pandemic period, with the main ones listed below:
- Paulo Andrade - visual artist (
- Severina Gonçalves - visual artist (
- Moyrá Kariri-Xocó - Indigenous Cultural Group (
- João Timóteo - Revelry of Kings Group
- Menino Jesus - Revelry of Kings Group

participating in

  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo


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