Volmi Batista

Volmi Batista
Batuques e Calangos album front
Batuques e Calangos - back
Volmi Batista


First released song from the new album, Batuques e Calangos
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Brasilia
  • style(s):Brazilian, Folk
  • label:VBS Produções e Eventos
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:unplugged
  • artist posted by:Lalin Produções

Line up

  • Claudinho da Viola (Viola Caipira)
  • Morango  (Percussion)
  • Volmi Batista (Acoustic Guitar)


Volmi Batista is a popular artist who expresses within his work the inside-Brazil's immense diversity of rhythms, instruments and chants. With a brand new album, entitled "Batuques e Calangos" (Beats & Lizards), Volmi Batista releases his very first solo album in almost 30 years of musical career.
Beside his artistic work, Volmi is one of the largest supporters of the folk and traditional Brazilian music and culture, producing events, meetings, seminars, a daily radio program for more than 20 years and other activities that collaborate with the increase of opportunities and sustainability for popular artists and arts for at least 30 years.