Aguacero Cover
Parranda La cruz band photo


From 2021 first EP Aguacero
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  • country:Venezuela
  • style(s):Percussion, Traditional
  • label:Lamastrock
  • type:Band, Quartet
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion
  • artist posted by:Lamastrock

Line up

  • David Doris (Backing vocal percussions)
  • Luc Moindranzé (Backingvocal, percussions)
  • Margaux Delatour (lead vocal, percussion)
  • Rebecca Roger Cruz (Lead vocal, percussions)


Following the rhythm of the cula e puya, the mina and the quitlplas, Parranda La Cruz invites you into the traditions of Barlovento, the cradle of the wind blowing towards the sea. On this cocoa route in the north of Venezuela, festive, trance and praise songs merge with the frenetic energy of drums and voices.
Formed in 2018 in Lyon, the group Parranda la Cruz, is the fruit of the meeting of the Venezuelan Rebecca Roger, the French Margaux Delatour, passionate about Latin music and the two percussionists from Reunion Luc Moindranzé and David Doris. Although she has classical and baroque training (she plays ensalatas, mixed baroque pieces from Latin America), Rebecca Roger, the soul of the group, is passionate about the music of Barlovento, rhythms perpetuated by the descendants of slaves from Congo and Angola. She dreams of making famous, like cumbia or Afro-Cuban music, this little-known style of music, with its cula e puya, mina and above all the quitiplas, small mystical bamboo-based percussion instruments made according to certain cycles of the moon. Played in this cradle of wind and cocoa, these
musical traditions take on a new style in the Lyon region where they are mixed with the rouleurs, maloya drums played by Luc Moindranzé and David Doris. As members of the Tikaniki collective, which brings together maloya musicians in Lyon, these two percussionists are completely ignorant of Venezuelan culture, do not speak Spanish and have to initiate themselves to the songs, voice placement and
very precise tempos of this music. However, they share, through the culture of maloya, the organic dimension of this music (link with fire, earth, trance) and the use of onomatopoeia. Barlovento music, festive and itinerant music, has evolved over the centuries and has become mixed, introducing congas, cajons and drums close to the rouleurs, such as the fulia drums. The group is therefore part of a natural evolution.
Several artist residencies are planned in March 2021 to prepare a new show and record a first EP.
Winner 2020 - Diaspora Music Award