Booking, Copyright Management, Publishing, Sub-Publishing, Distribution, Digital Marketing and a diverse catalog of Colombian artists and records.

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LaMúsica.FM is a business group from Medellín, Colombia, formed by 3 companies, that offers different tools for the musical artists and projects to strengthen and promote their services in order to be sustainable.
Carbonero Publishing: a music editor and copyright manager
LaMú specialized in the management of the phonographic rights, communication and digital marketing.
And Sonoro: a booking, event production and sync agency

Our goal in WOMEX is to create alliances with actors, institutions and companies in order to boost on the international level, the Colombian artists we are working with, thanks to services of booking, digital distribution for compositions and lyrics, copyright management on international territories, music licencing and digital marketing.

We count with a diverse catalog of Colombian artists, compositions and phonograms, inspired by the folklore of our country, that we would be really happy to present to you.

If you are interested in promoting your musical project on the Colombian territory we would love to offer you different services, in order to support you, like digital marketing, copyright administration, booking and promotion for music licencing with national companies. Don´t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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