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  • country:Colombia
  • region:Medellin
  • style(s):Alternative, Música Latinoamericana
  • label:LaMú
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:percussion
  • artist posted by:LaMú

Line up

  • David Colorado Uribe (Divers Objects)
  • Juan Pablo Osorio Rua (Divers Objects)


Alibombo is not only an impressive percussion show, it is also an experimental laboratory of sound sources and control, Focused on building sound making equipment from recycled materials.
Currently, Alibombo is made up by two percussionists, who créate their own beats on stage through loopstations, grabbing the sounds from the materials that for many is just garbage, like a bicycle Wheel, a plastic can or a cardboar box, or a jacket zipper.
Alibombo was formed in 2009 by David Colorado, its current director: along with his partner, Lucas Jaramillo, they both started with music thanks to the sounds of 90’s rock, and with the passing time and years of investigative work, it was inevitable to take tradicional colombian music as an influence, such as cumbia, porro and currulao, among others, achieving this way an exotic, or you could also call it bizzare, sound that we can only understand when we go to one of their jawdropping shows.
Alibombo starts as an urban percussion ensamble, under the musical dirección of David Colorado; but through time it has morfed from being a musical group into an experimental sound laboratory, through the use of equipment that allow us to control it (sound).
This fusión has transformed Alibombo into a high impact proposal for everyone who go to their show, which has lead them to earn several invitations like the 2011 Medellin Cityhall Cultural Exchange, Through which they participated in the Festival Piracura de Oro, Celebrated in Leticia, Amazonas.
They have participated on the most important stages in their own city, such as La Feria de Flores (The Flower Fair) on several ocassions, and in the best theaters sucha as the Lido and Pablo Tobon Uribe Theaters.
With successful performances in their city, they have managed to catch the attention of promoters from other Colombian cities, like: Bogota, where they have participated in The Enviormental Concert (El concierto Ambiental), Universidad Javeriana and Centro Festival. In Valle, in the Comfandi Auditorium.
In the year 2014, Alibombo goes on their first international tour in the United States, Visiting Miami and New York, Sparking the interest of promoters from important Festivals.
With their trayectory and succesful concerts, Alibombo proves to be a proposal with an international proyection that can be offered to any public.

Between 2016 and 2019, they have toured in Europe and Africa in many of the most important festivals of these continents.
2016- FMM Sines (Portugal)
2017_ Au foin de la Rue (France) Maps (tenerife)
2018 FMM sines, cycle worlds, Boom Festival, Artes a Rua (portugal) moshito street festival (south africa)
2019 MTN BUSHFIRE (Swaziland) Bass Line Festival, Zakifo Festival (South Africa)
Sakifo Festival (Reunion Island)

We are currently part of the latest project of the Japanese artist Ei Wada, the Electromagnetic Orchestra Without Borders.