• country:Colombia
  • region:Medellin
  • style(s):Afro, House
  • label:LaMúsica.fm
  • type:DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:electronic
  • artist posted by:LaMúsica.fm

Line up

  • Santiago Alberto Madrid Ruiz (Dj - Producer)


At the beginning there were strings, skins, community, love, passion and as all the beginnings it was pure and with no other intention more than exist, to feel alive, to give to the world a bit of what was given, of what was inside, but if something that pure lives long enough then the fear comes and with him, the denial of the passion, the roots, the identity, the love that was felt, everything inside starts to shut down and an exploration, an experimental path starts, one without compass or map, therefore you’re lost and you start to feel and see thru others… Disconnection.

There’s an exchange of your feels for an illusion of a stable, responsible and ‘real’ happiness all because feeling is a bit more chaotic, but as anything in this universe can't stay still, stay static, life starts moving you, very slowly at the beginning but the intensity raises until it’s impossible to ignore and you move! There, in that moment, you taste the fullness, the peace, the passion, the love, pure love again, but it’s short, you can’t achieve to make it yours, in that moment you decide if you want to balance and stay with the illusion of happiness or take the risk and keep moving, accept and make peaces with your illusions, loves, roots, identity, your way to feel. You move and rediscover, relearn, reconnect and reborn… Inguz.