Pepe Guerrero

Pepe Guerrero
pepe guerrero
  • country:Colombia
  • region:Medellin
  • style(s):Colombianas, Rancheras
  • label:LaMú
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter, pop group, unplugged, guitar
  • artist posted by:LaMú

Line up

  • Pepe Guerrero (Singer)


EPE GUERRERO, singer and songwriter of the new Colombian ranchero popular music. At 21, four singles and a public career that barely reached the first year; His music has already crossed the border, it is even more listened to in other countries than in Colombia. It has been on Mexican editorial playlists and has listeners in more than 25 countries. His musical training takes just three years, accompanied by Camilo Valencia and Claudia Ángel. His spark for popular music was ignited at the age of 17 at a popular music festival at the Centro de Espectáculos La Macarena in the city of Medellín. Pipe Bueno, Paula Jara, Darío Gómez, and many others shared the stage. But it was Juan Pablo Navarrete who that day inspired him to want to be on stage. From that moment the story of this dream began. Making varied popular music, with a vocal register very different from his colleagues in the genre, and with his own songs, are his cards laid out on the table to stand out in a Colombian market that launches new music and new exponents in the genre every week. Sounding on the radio is for PEPE GUERRERO one more check on his list of accomplished goals, and he continues to do so with each release. Being in contact with his audience on his social networks and digital platforms is his day by day and it shows that he enjoys it. Doing concerts in neighborhoods, at town festivals, and taking his show to other cities has also been possible, thanks to the efforts of a whole team of professionals who accompany the artistic growth process of this new exponent of Colombian popular music that from early on it is projected to the world. "Enamóralas" is his mantra, his slogan, his badge that marks him as a gentleman's surname, which his male audience takes as a comrade in the conquest and his women as the heartthrob who woos them with respect.