Saucējas showcase at WOMEX 2019 in Tampere: Ancient polyphonic singing


Saucējas, the traditional singing group from the Latvian Academy of Culture present songs from the ancient times with amazing, full and powerful singing with clashing and intricate intervals, enthralling contemporary listeners with a vibrant and inspired performance.

Saucējas performed in the showcase at WOMEX 2019 in Tampere, Finland. The concert was introduced by the renowned British multi-instrumentalist, producer and world music journalist Andrew Cronshaw. Saucējas took the audience to a different world - one full of strange second intervals, overlapping songs, drone singing, wedding parties and mummers' songs on the winter solstice. Ten singers performed ancient polyphonic songs, dances and shepherd's calls giving an insight into the lives of our ancestors.
Thanks to the Baltic Culture Fund for support, Latvian TV for filming the concert, our friends for their videos, the WOMEX team for the audio recording and also to our audio engineer Gatis Gaujenieks for editing. Photo credits: A. Cronshaw and T. Terekas.

article posted by:Vineta Romane, Latvian Music Information Centre