Mandy Lerouge

Mandy Lerouge


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  • country:Argentina
  • style(s):Argentino
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Solo, Duo, Quartet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, unplugged, piano
  • artist posted by:Le Fil Rouge

Line up

  • Felipe Nicholls (Doublebass)
  • Javier Estrella (percussions)
  • Lalo Zanelli (piano, scores)
  • Mandy Lerouge (voice)


Self-taught singer who grew up in the High Alps, Mandy Lerouge learns and tames the world of music for a decade now by evolving from jazz to classical music through Trip-hop. She also has a background as a sound engineer as well as a Journalist.

She discovered the north of Argentina, its fields and culture in 2014. She instantly fell in love with its traditional musics as much as its treck on horseback with Gauchos while they supervise the herds. Mandy is an experienced rider since childhood.

Living today in the City of Marseille, her project matures and is enriched by meeting the great figures of Argentinian music: Chango Spasiuk, Raul Barboza, Melingo… She finally goes back there, in Alan Lomax’s musical footsteps, she collects songs that will make her first album, both really subjective and catchy… Several fairies leaned over her « cradle »: Vincent Segal directed the album by “promoting sound recording without any headphones and with musicians at close range”. Gérard de Haro adapted his studio “La Buissonne” to fit this uncommon “Live recording” setting (“I’ve seen this type of recording only once or twice in my life!”). Musicians also brought their own touch : Lalo Zanelli, the Argentinian Pianist with a sensual playing style made the musical arrangements. His fellow Argentinian percussionist, Javier Estrella, took also part, as well as the Columbian double bassist Felipe Nicholls and Melingo.

She not only brilliantly reached her goal but also gave us a real cultural understanding. While we listen to these elegant ballads’ melodies, we feel like Horses trot and heart beatings give rhythm to Mandy Lerouge’s music. Her magnetic voice transcends traditional dances (Chamamé, Chacarera or Tango canyengue).

Mandy is a mixed-raced woman, her father is Madagascan and her mother is French. She identifies with these popular mixed music and gets to grips with it to create a sort of contemporary chamber music including jazz, even rock sometimes. If the “Madrugada” is about the sun rising, it is also clearly about the rising of a new great voice.

- Pascal Bussy