• country:Niger
  • style(s):Spoken Poetry, Site-Responsive
  • label:Le Rêve Africain / The African Dream
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Le Rêve Africain (The African Dream)

Line up

  • Jhonel (Lead vocal)


Jhonel is a talented Nigerian speaker: a 2.0 Griot, an actor and poet. Jhonel was hardly destined for an artistic career. Son of an Imam establi-shed in Ivory Coast, he had to face very early the incomprehension of his family. Art was not welcome, but nothing could dampen his passion. After much reflection, Jhonel made the decision to leave his adopted country and to leave his family, the only solution in his eyes to make his passion. Jhonel returned in 2002 to Niger, his native land. Thus, he per-formed in Mali, Ivory Coast, France, Togo, New York, Canada, Burkina Faso and in Niger.

It is with his last two clips "Ils ne sont que des pauvres" (2016) and "1000 poèmes" (2020), that "Jhonel seduces not only with his rhetoric, but also with the importance of the themes he tackles. The survival of the poor on a daily basis, oligarchy and the loss of values are all subjects that recur in his prose and alexandrines, which appeal to lovers of com-mitted and conscious art throughout the continent." Cf Music in Africa.

In his latest show, "Ils ne sont que des pauvres" (They are only poor people), behind his desk, Jhonel denounces some of the failings of this world, like a court trial. To the question "How many knees on how many necks?" Jhonel makes his plea, poetically staged.

Location: Between Niamey (Niger) and Paris (France).