ive 2
  • country:United Kingdom
  • region:Punjab
  • style(s):Fusion, Bhangra
  • label:Nachural Records
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:electronic
  • artist posted by:Lee Thorp Entertainment

Line up

  • Amar Johal (Drums)
  • Iqbal Neer (Instruments)
  • Kamalject Manku (Instruments)
  • Ninder Johal (Tabla)
  • Sacdev Chand (Instruments)
  • Vijay Bhatti (Vocals)


Classic Bhangra act. Basic line-up 6 piece. High energy danceable beats mixed with traditional Indian drums. This Birmingham based outfit scored considerable success on record over the last 20 years. They cut back on live work a few years ago but still do festival and high profile events including 3 original members with 3 newer players.